EMS Auditor Criteria

Environmental Management System Auditor Certification

The scheme is represented on the Environmental & Energy Management System Scheme Committee

The Scheme Certification criteria for Environmental Management System (EMS) auditors have been developed by SAATCA  in order to certificate auditors conducting independent internal or external audits, indicating that they have the skills required to effectively perform Environmental Management System audits.

The criteria for the scheme has been aligned with the requirements of the International Personnel Certification Association (IPC), the requirements of ISO 19011, ISO 17021 and ISO 14001


This program has been developed to meet the following objectives:

  • To raise the level of professional recognition for EMS auditors
  • To add value to EMS audits by ensuring auditor competence
  • To provide international recognition of auditors certified in Southern Africa
  • To assist organisations in selecting appropriately qualified auditors
  • To provide credible and accountable EMS auditor certification program

About ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard for an environmental management system (EMS). It specifies requirements for establishing an environmental policy, determining environmental aspects and impacts of products/activities/services, planning environmental objectives and measurable targets, implementation and operation of programs to meet objectives and targets, checking and corrective action, and management review.

An organization needs to declare its primary environmental objectives, those that can have most environmental impact. In order to gain most benefit these will become the primary areas of consideration within the improvement process, and the company’s environmental program. The program will be the plan to achieve specific goals or targets along the route to a specific goal and describe the means to reach those objectives such that they are real and achievable. The Environmental Management System provides further detail on the environmental program. The EMS establishes procedures, work instructions and controls to ensure that implementation of the policy and achievement of the targets can become a reality. Communication is a vital factor, enabling people in the organization to be aware of their responsibilities, aware of the objectives of the scheme, and able to contribute to its success.

Criteria for Certification

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