Auditor Grades

SAATCA Auditor Grades

1.1. Provisional Auditor (Also referred to as “in-training” in  certain industry sectors)

This grade is the entry or training grade. It recognizes an applicant to have the appropriate personal attributes, educational, professional and technical competence but does not yet meet the criteria for auditing experience and demonstration of audit competence of the other grades. This grade is qualifications based, without competence evaluation.

This is not an IPC recognised or SANAS accredited grade of management system auditor.

Provisional Auditors will be given non- accredited letters of acknowledgement, stating the applicant’s applicable scheme of registration and registration number, but will not be formally issued with Certificates and registration cards.

This grade is a transition grade with the intention that, over time, Provisional Auditors progress to auditors once they meet the requirements.
No Provisional Auditor registered in terms of this grade may suggest or imply certification status as a management system auditor.

1.2. Auditor Grade

This grade recognizes the applicant as a competent Auditor, contributing as an effective member of an audit team. This grade applies typically to auditors who take part in audits as members of a team rather than audit team leaders.

Auditors shall be given Certificates and Auditor registration cards.

1.3. Lead Auditor Grade

The Lead Auditor grade is reserved for auditors who conform to the requirements of    Auditor grade and who are competent and experienced at managing audits and leading audit teams. This grade applies typically to auditors who lead audits of more than one auditor.

Lead Auditors shall be given Certificates and Lead Auditor registration cards.

1.4. Internal Auditor Grade

This grade applies to applicants that conduct audits within and for or on behalf of organisations by whom they are employed, and may include supplier audits, provided they cover the full scope of the relevant management system.

It is not intended to imply that an Internal Auditor is less qualified than an Auditor, only that the application of the auditing practice is limited to one organisation. The same level of qualification and work experience is required as that of the Auditor grade.

Internal Auditor certification shall be granted in respect of the specific organisation for which internal audits are conducted.

Internal Auditors shall be given Certificates and Internal Auditor registration cards on which reference will be made to the organization where the internal audits are carried out and for which the Internal Auditor has been certified.

If a SAATCA certified internal auditor leaves the employment of the organisation for which internal auditor certification is held, his or her certification as a SAATCA certified internal auditor for that organisation falls away.  Should they resume internal auditing at a different organisation, they would qualify to transfer their internal auditor certification, by making application relative to the new organisation. Alternatively, they could apply for full Auditor grade as they potentially satisfy the requirement for auditing multiple management systems.

Internal Auditor is not an IPC recognised nor currently a SANAS accredited grade of management system auditor. A non-accredited card of certification is issued to successful applicants.