Vision & Mission


Since our inception in 1986, SAATCA’s mission is to recognize and address the growing need within the Southern African industry for competent and credible management systems, product and process Auditors who can deliver both professional and value-adding auditing services to support, enhance and positively impact strategic, operational and organization-wide performance objectives in pursuit of optimal business excellence, thus “Raising business confidence”.


SAATCA’s mission is to recognize and satisfy the needs of stakeholders in Southern Africa and provide confidence to industry that a SAATCA-registered Auditor adds value to your business operations and strategic objectives.  SAATCA achieves this mission through:

  • Setting and updating of Auditor and training criteria in line with the latest national and international standards
  • Only using SAATCA-registered Training Course Providers to conduct Auditor training in the various Auditor schemes to ensure the credible competence of our Auditors
  • Maintaining our registered accreditation with the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) against ISO 17024 (Conformity assessment — General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons)

Collaborating with industry though capacitation projects and initiatives to improve industry auditing competence.


  • Professional Integrity – This leads to professional behavior
  • Service Orientated – because you are a valued client
  • Consistency – Ensuring a consistent approach in our business practices
  • Equality of Opportunity – eliminates any barriers of partial exclusion
  • Responsible & Accountable – We want to be answerable to our stakeholders and industry
  • Responsive & Adaptive – reviewing and implementing best global practices to remain relevant
  • Continual Professional Development – On-going and well-maintained professional development ensures that competence remains current and credible

SAATCA Objectives

  • To achieve and maintain national and international recognition through our accreditation with SANAS (IAF MLA member) as an accredited Certification Body for management system, product and process Auditors
  • To promote management system auditing, and auditor training as valued professions within industry so that industries can compete both locally and internationally by using certified management systems
  • To provide opportunities for continuous professional development of Auditors
  • To promote best practices in auditing by ensuring that the SAATCA Auditor criteria is aligned and updated with amendments in management system standards and practices
  • To ensure that industry has access to competent and credible Auditors through professional Auditor registration with SAATCA
  • To provide credible professional recognition to individuals who demonstrate competence to the SAATCA Auditor criteria
  • To respond to the changing needs of industry in order to remain effective and relevant
  • To increase stakeholder involvement and contribution through corporate membership, Auditor certification and Training Course Provider certification