Quality Policy & Impartiality

Impartiality Statement

Quality Policy

SAATCA will at all times strive to offer services of the highest quality to our customers and stakeholders.

SAATCA will comply with the requirements of the current versions of ISO/IEC 17024, IPC and SANAS/IAF criteria for certification of persons.

The Board of Directors of SAATCA (Board) accept the responsibility for business excellence and service quality and are committed to implementing the following policy:

Auditors and Training Course Providers Provide an independent, impartial and fair evaluation of auditors and training course provider in accordance with the SAATCA certification schemes criteria to ensure the fair and equitable eligibility to certification for all applicants.
Members Provide services that meet the needs and agreed requirements of our members in accordance with SAATCA certification schemes.
SAATCA Management Supply services without compromise to quality and continually improve our management system and organizational performance for the benefit of our members, clients and other stakeholders.

Provide the necessary resources for strategic, operational and support functions of our business.

Employees Develop our employees to improve our core competencies and their job satisfaction.
Community and Society Engage in national, regional and international standardisation activities related to SAATCA operations to the benefit of our stakeholders, community and society.
Law Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions in which SAATCA operates.
Transformation SAATCA endorses ethical principles in conducting business and adheres to the principles of the supremacy of the South African Constitution, and the human rights principles contained therein, and actively strives towards transformation being the path it takes in order to ensure it is diverse, respectful towards all, according to the values of substantive equality and human dignity. SAATCA develops and implements Transformation policy and Plan. (Refer P3.0).